Do what you want, it’s your day! Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, including us. There’s a bunch of tips online, big or small that we think could help with getting cool wedding pictures, but the most important one is just do what you want to do!


Those hugs are the first things planners remove from the program (what’s up with that?! wtf!) there’s where you’ll get the BEST pictures of your guests, a lot more than the ones the aunt will ask to be taken at her table 😐 Everybody happy, super excited for you guys, crying, getting in the shot, squeezing too hard, laughing with each other, it’s one of our favorite parts of the wedding as photographers, and way too many couples skip this for the lack of time or for the awkwardness of the moment. Let’s embrace the awkwardness of it all and just ugly cry together! Do it do it do it!

Couple Shots

The important ones! And not just for the pictures, but because it’s the only part of the day when you don’t have to entertain anybody but yourselves, you can just relax and let sink in the idea that you just got married! (you won’t even notice the camera)




We recommend at least an hour for the session. Of course it can be done in 5 minutes but if we want natural pictures of you all relaxed and just in love, one hour is a good number to have set aside for that purpose.

Yes yes, it’s a bit weird at the beginning but it gets ok pretty quickly (that’s why we need time you guys). And in supposedly you picked a photog whose style you love and that you’re comfortable with 😉 so trust that she’ll make you look amazing and will deliver pictures you will love for the rest of time. Although those pictures are also cute because of those nervous smiles.
What else? walk straight, shoulders down, butts up, this also goes for the grooms (not necessarily the butt part), we all look better without the hunchback.

Get that dress dirty! It’s ok, that’s what dry cleaners are for! and you’re going to get it cleaned anyway right? By the way, be totally comfortable with any dress you choose, color, shape, length and fabric, just make sure to have it fitted and that you’re comfortable with it, it’s the happiest way to start your journey together, happy and comfy. Mine was a gold sequined one and it was a bit big on me but i was the happiest 😀

Relax! it will all end waaaay too fast and would’ve been
totally worth it. Trust me!


Having entertaining things to do at the reception (or before) will give us better pictures of your guests interacting, way beyond them just sitting. Be it games on the grass or sand, bingo, fireworks, a box of cigars you name it! you know your guests.
The more light the merrier! (no? it’s not like that? hehe) Cameras as advanced and modern as they are, can do nothing against a dark reception. And at the end we’ll whip out our flashes and all your gorgeous details will be slightly flattened by it. String lights, bistro lights, low lights, table lights, candle lights, ALL the lights are your best friends, and will give us better (and more) pictures.

Toast and speeches, if you have them, try to locate them in a well lit place, focus on your table, have it shine a little bit brighter than the rest of the tables.


If you’ll have a waltz, make sure your DJ knows up front that he should turn off the lasers at that moment (unless you’re dancing to Daft Punk, if so, laser on) or that you want to look like you have chicken pox. When you’re done with the waltz, bring on the disco lights!
If you won’t have a waltz, the best way to move the party to the dance floor is the bouquet tossing. If you won’t have that either, the bride can drag everybody to the dance floor (because nobody says no to the bride).
Or play Achy Breaky Heart.

The last recommendation; Create a #hashtag for your wedding and share it to all your guests, it could be at the “Save the Date” or with the invitations, so then you will have all the images on social media in one place.