Do you travel?

We currently live in Mazatlan, Mexico and serve all surrounding areas. We often travel up to San Diego, CA and down to Guadalajara, so don't worry won't be travel expenses necessary. For the rest of Mexico, USA or where ever you want me to go the travel costs are super simple, just the basics; round trip flight, accommodation and rental car if applicable. I'll be there!

Who will be there photographing my wedding?

It will be Gaby. But sometimes if the date allow us we both go to the wedding, but always both of us are involved in your big day in one way or other.

When and how we are going to receive our pictures after wedding?

We understand everyone want to see their photos right after the wedding, that is the reason why we give you a sneak preview and some photos you can share with your family and friends as soon as possible after wedding. But our turn-around time is between 40-60 days, normally we deliver before that. You’ll receive the high-res edited images via a beautiful online gallery where you can download them to your computer, as well as share with friends and fam. You and the fam can also order ridiculously good lookin’ products off the site such as prints, wedding albums, etc. Cool stuff to make sure your photos don’t die on a hard drive.

How do we book you??

It’s super easy. First, ideally, I'd love to chat with you about your day and make sure all your needs are addressed! So let’s set up a phone call, Zoom or Facetime and chat it up! The booking process is real chill. I’ll send you an e-contract and with a 30% deposit you can hold your date. The rest can be payed up to a month before the wedding date. The transference can be done via PayPal, or Bank transaction. Let us know which method is more convenient and we will forward the information.

How far out do you book?

Generally around a year.

Could you help us plan this thing? we need help!

Putting together a wedding can be overwhelming. There can be pressure from the fam, or friends who all want to give you advice. We'll there for you if you need absolutely anything. Are you looking for the perfect place? do you want some great dress options? do you want to know the perfect moment for the ceremony and get the best lighting? Pretty much if you have any questions about literally anything, you can ask us, we’ve been around the wedding block a time or two and know how valuable it can be to simply bounce ideas around or to get my photography insight. We’ve also made a little guide I’ll send you upon booking that’ll answer the most asked questions.

Are the hours booked consecutive or can we break them up over the day?

Yes, all of our photography coverage is in consecutive hours.

Do you use Photoshop?

No really, we always try to get your best photo straight from camera, but if there is something you are worry about let us know and we gladly advise you or take actions about it. We take retouching very seriously, our goal for the image retouching is to tone the colors to make them timeless and not dated to a certain timeframe/trend. We try and emulate the beauty of film in our digital images. We won’t do any body transforming as we don’t believe in that but if you’ve got some sort of blemish or small mark that you’d like me to remove in images, We got you!

Will you take family portraits and bridal party photos?

Yes, your pictures with your family and friends are of course very important to us, but everybody is different. Some want more some less. We tend to have a more natural approach to portraits. But any photo that you wish to take just let us know!

When do we take the engagement shoots?

It is recommended to take the engagement session 2-4 months before the wedding date. But if you are doing destination wedding, we can shoot the session one day before or after your wedding.

What should we do for our engagement session?

Obviously we’ll chat about what you envision for your sesh but overall the session should really reflect your personalities. Some couples just want to roam around and explore some beautiful part of the world, or shoot inside their home to preserve the memories of this place and time and the space they’ve made their own. But we´re down for literally anything. Whatever it is that makes you two you two, let’s do that and shoot that.

How many photos do we going to get of our wedding?

As for the wedding final delivery, it depends on the activities that will compose the wedding itself. We never limit the amount of images we will capture in any of our weddings, elopements or sessions. We carry plenty memory cards, the images are backed-up on multiple hard drives and then we carefully choose and select the final collection that you will receive. We remove duplicates, unflattering images and then deliver between 50-70 images for every hour of coverage. For our sessions, we deliver between 30-50 images. All of the photographs that you will receive are delivered in full resolution and have been fully edited. We are a big believer in quality over quantity and we will never put “filler” in your final gallery. And as an extra, since we LOVE black and white, you'll get all the images we adore the most in black and white as well.

Do you also make videos?

I would rather not do it. For a simple reason, I believe that the work is better if you are specialized in what you do. I can recommend great professionals I know or / and with whom I have previously worked, and put you in touch with them.

How much does it cost?

There are different options, but the best thing is to ask me directly to be able to advise you in the best way, and then offer you a customized service. Don’t be shy and ask away, no strings attached.



Caro & Aaron

We’ve booked Gaby and German for our wedding and we couldn’t be more happy about the memories they’ve made. We found the dream team on Instagram and from the first moment on it was clear: We need them! :) On our big day they radiate so peaceful even we were so nervous of course. Even while the ceremony we didn’t noticed that Gaby taken so many pictures of us! It was perfect. Also as a person she is so lovely and taken care of all our wishes! We are so thankful for your adorable work!

Angeles & Alejandro

From the minute we met they had this warm open heart / open mind energy that radiated throughout the shooting making it easy to be with them. The photos that are delivered afterwards are breathtakingly beautiful. I love their creative and laid back style. Best duo in the wedding photography industry.

Mariana & Mikki

“Thank you for being part of our special day. We cannot thank you enough for all of your love, support, guidance and of course your beautiful work that you captured. What amazing and talented photographer you are and we are blessed to have had you be part of our wedding, capturing all of our special moments and creating memories and that we will cherish forever.”