I never thought that I would fall in love with wedding photography as much as I did.

Hola, we are Gaby and German, Wife and Husband, best friends, the Photographer girl and the Engineer, a photography team based in Mazatlan, Mexico.

More about us

We love our family so much //  We adore our daughters // We know each other since childhood // We love to travel // We go to the movies 3 times per week // We drink coffee in the morning, afternoon and night time //  We could eat sea food every day //  She loves pink and animal print // We love music // We miss the 90´s //  He can spend hours on a single picture to make it perfect // She won’t stop until she gets THE picture // He can nap at any time of the day //  She is the best Mom ever // Her favorite place on earth is Sweden // We are planning to drive to Canada from Mexico on an RV // We love family portraits and couples session with a natural approach // We love to capture real emotions // We’d love to meet you and talk about your wedding.

Our love story