Because it was meant to happen...

Thanks so much for your interest in us and our work!

We’d love to tell a story with you. Your wedding day’s story. If you have seen our work, probably you’ve noticed that’s what we do, and is what you’ll hire us for. If our style work for you please keep on reading.

We try to capture the mood of the day. We show up early, as early as you allow us, to follow the preparations, getting ready, first look, ceremony, portraits and as much of the party as possible. We believe some of the best things of that day happen before and after the 6 hours. To just leave when everything is about to get good doesn’t make sense for us at all. We’ll stay as long as necessary to capture your day and night, but we still get that budgets are a thing, so now we offer limited coverage as well. The longest you allow us to stay, the more complete your story will be.
What sets us apart from other photographers is how we tell your special day’s story. Is that particular narrative that adds a different flavor to our photography. It’s your wedding day and we’ll adapt to that. We’ll let the day guide us and usually that’s why people tells us our stories are honest and warm.
Together we’ll capture the story of your day and we’re pretty sure that the result will leave you speechless. Because it’s your story, not ours.
We’ll capture a bunch of honest moments, things you’ll probably be too busy to notice. If we se an opportunity for certain picture during the day we’ll tell you, but most of the time you won’t even realice we’re even there. You won’t see us “making” moments, asking the best men to wrestle with the groom or asking the father of the bride to kiss her before walking her down the aisle. Probably he’ll do that anyway and if he does, we’ll capture that moment because that’s the moment that really matters.

Your pictures with your family and friends are of course very important to us, but everybody is different. Some want more some less. We tend to have a more natural approach to portraits because nobody want to pose for hours.

Here are a few of our wedding stories, it’s a pretty good example of our style no matter how different they are:


package .01

Pre-wedding session • 6 hours coverage on your wedding day • professional image processing • online gallery • Slideshow

[ 2000 USD ]


package .02

Pre-wedding session • 8 hours coverage on your wedding day • professional image processing • online gallery • Slideshow

[ 2600 USD ]


package .03

Pre-wedding session • 8 hours coverage on your wedding day • Rehearsal Dinner • professional image processing • online gallery

[ 3000 USD ]

SPECIAL - package. 04

Pop Up Weddings

These weddings are small with a maximum of 50 guests. Weddings where LESS means MORE, intimate and cozy. However, small wedding doesn´t mean everything will be informal; in fact, we love them because the couple really focus more on them, representing their style, taste and personality in each details.
On this package, we offers: 3 hours of continuous coverage • Slideshow • Online gallery with high-resolution and web-size images.


Since every couple is different, we tried to make it easy to choose a pack you’re happy with, just pick what you need as you go.

•Hour [400 USD]
•PreWedding Session [350 USD]
•Rehearsal Dinner [500 USD]



As for the wedding final delivery, it depends on the activities that will compose the wedding itself. We never limit the amount of images we will capture in any of our weddings, elopements or sessions, and we carefully select the final collection. We remove duplicates, unflattering images and then deliver between 50-70 images for every hour of coverage. In an hour and a half of Rehearsal Dinner we deliver between 75-105 images for instance, and for our sessions, we deliver between 30-50 images. All of the photographs that you will receive are delivered in full resolution and have been fully edited. We are a big believer in quality over quantity and we will never put “filler” in your final gallery. In addition, as an extra, since we LOVE black and white, you will get all the images we love in black and white as well.

After Wedding


Long after the cake is finished, the flowers wilt, and the dress is hanging at the back of the closet, these pictures will be one of the few tangible keepsakes from your wedding day. There’s really no better to appreciate them but to hold them materialized in your hands, something to share with your loved ones for the years to come. That’s why we took the task to help you guys to get the best products, so your memories live on forever, composing part your visual legacy in a beautiful way. This feeling was born the first time we saw our own pictures printed, and ever since, we believe everybody should have easy access to have treasures like that to hold on to.


  • The editing and final look will always be with the Stories by GG style • The final digital delivery will be in about 6-8 weeks after the event  • Once the web gallery is delivered, you may order album, prints, frames and other cool stuff through it • A 30% downpayment is needed to lock the date and set the prices mentioned, the rest should be fully payed at least one month prior the event. • POP UP WEDDINGS applies only in Mazatlán •  Requires 10 hrs at least on events outside of Mazatlan • Travel costs out of Mexico; Round trip flight, rental car if applicable and accommodations • Prices subject to change without prior notice •